Inspired by Winter Light and Landscape

The Braid Society

The Braid Society   present an annual travelling exhibition and, encouraged by my kumihimo sensei, I have decided to submit a contribution.

I have ended up making two belts, inspired by photographs found online.  One set of photographs feature the northern lights, the other set features sunset throught birch trees in the snow.Both however use the same kumihimo pattern.  My challenge is a 24 thread sasanami-gumi.  The distinct variations are as a result of using different threads, colourways and colour setup.


Keiru No Himo


Today I will learn a new braid. Keiru No Kimo is a 16 tama 15th century braid. Source: Catherine Martin, Kumihimo – Japanese silk braiding techniques, basic marudai braids. 1986 Old Hall Press. Pages 70-71.

Catherine Martin : Kumihimo pages 70-71

Catherine Martin : Kumihimo pages 70-71

the setup is pattern (c), three colours in slate blue, silver grey and pink, using DMC rayon embroidery thread.  Each warp is two full strands.

Main colour in north and west - slate blue.  Silver grey in south and pink in east.

Main colour in north and west – slate blue. Silver grey in south and pink in east.

70 gram tama with 800 gram counter weight.  I have used sone of my beach stone collection to make up the weight.counter weight

Learning Kumihimo from the Internet

Many years ago, while browsing a tiny shop at a lock on a canal I came across a strange foam disc.  It took my fancy and I bought it.  As we often do with new toys, I played with it for a while and then put it aside.The instructions were not very illuminating.   I have picked it up again and with new friends on the internet I am having a more determined go at learning this exquisit Japanese Craft.