Try substituting granulated Stevia for the sugar.

I love lemon flavour with poppy seeds (I do love a good lemon poppy seed muffin!), but I always feel disappointed when trying lemon poppy seed cakes… They tend to be covered in thick icing, which I find too sickly, with all the lemon flavour in the icing and the cake itself being quite bland. […]


Pears and ricotta cheese coffee cake. No butter at all. No guilt. — A taste of Italy on your table every day

While lower fat is obviously lower calorie I am not obsessing over that.   This recipe caught my eye.

Baked Pear Cheese cake

I have made a lower carb version of this cake.  I used wholemeal flour. You would get a lighter cake and less nutty flavour if you used white flour.  I couldn’t get ricotta and wanted to bring the fat content down so used Philadelphia Light cream cheese and I also substituted Truvia granulated stevia for the sugar.  I used a 1/4 cup of Truvia but felt this was a little too sweet.  You would need to experiment according to your taste and the sweetener you use.  I also used ripe conference pears but feel the flavour would have improved with a richer flavoured desert pear. I added not only the vanilla but also a generous teaspoonful of Allspice.  It could have taken more and maybe next time I will add some ground ginger which partners well with pear.

For Slimming World folks my cake came in at 68 Syns for the entire cake. I cut it into 24 small slices – just under 3 syns per slice. You would get a good sized slice for around 6 Syns. I suspect it would freeze but have not tried this out as yet.

This morning at the groceries store there were Bosc pears for sale. Although it is not pear season, they looked so good that I couldn’t help but buy them, and, as soon as I got home, I started making my favorite, low fat, pears and ricotta cheese coffee cake. Few ingredients and about 50 minutes […]

via Pears and ricotta cheese coffee cake. No butter at all. No guilt. — A taste of Italy on your table every day