Where I Stand 

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Yokel Bear

I’ve written this because I feel that in the interest of clarity, and to counter some assumptions being made about me, I should state where I stand on the issue of the Labour Party right now. My hope is that people will read it with an open mind, not jump to conclusions, and at least afford me the dignity of respecting my views even if they differ from their own.  Sadly, I’m a little pessimistic that this hope will be achieved given how polarised things have become.

1) Corbyn 

I am not, and never have been, anti-Corbyn. I backed him in the leadership race, voted for him and was thrilled with the way that the campaign reenergised the left after the General Election defeat. More importantly, I liked a lot of his ideas. I also knew that he wasn’t a perfect candidate for me; I think anyone expecting any politician…

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